I attended Western Art Week in Great Falls and had a great time! I tried to take as many pictures of the art and artists as possible, but ended up missing a few. Larry Pirney of www.pirneyartshowroom.com and Calvin and Kathy Hochstrat of www.hochstratbraiding.com were two excellent artists that I feel need a mention! 
I had a great time at the Russell Auction!

Whitney M. Hall brought her work! Love those warm colors. Please visit www.whitneymhall.com.
Jeff Myers of Fallon, Nevada brought his leatherwork and baskets. He has a pretty great name for his business! www.quietwomancattlecompany.com
Daryl Reed is a great artist. And he has a great hat! More of a dress hat, it could be considered an antique. Please visit www.darylreed.com to have a good laugh.
There is a button found on the hat band that is meant to attach to a lapel....very cool! Please visit www.darylreed.com.
I couldn't take a picture too close up...this is a family blog people! Daryl Reed is hilarious and has a great sense of humour, although it isn't always PG-13.
Jay Contway put on a great show complete with his own work. Please visit www.jaycontway.com. He is so friendly!
My favorite piece!
Jack Muir showcased his incredible scuplture work. LOVED these. Please visit www.jackmuir.com.

Miss Ree came all the way from Oklahoma! It was so fun to meet her!

Kathy Sigle was one of my favorites! She is lovely. Her work is lovely. And so is her Mom. Please visit www.kathysigleart.com to view more great art.
Meeting Red Steagall was one of the highlights! He is just as gracious and humble as he appears. Please visit www.redsteagall.com.
The weekend wrapped up with a full house at the Western Masters Auction.

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