I love art...

Courtney Todd Photo & Co. is a boutique photography studio, providing clients with high-end timeless lifestyle photography. I commit to photograph a limited number of clients each year in order to give each one my full attention. 

I work odd hours, drink wine at consultations, tie windsor knots for the groomsman who forgot how, and spend a crazy amount of time perfecting my images. 

I love photography. But I love people more. It is an honor to document people's lives in an intimate way. 

This is the most fun job. Helping others create and share memories is really the best experience. 

Thank you for  considering me to capture your most special life moments, and for visiting my site! 

Photography has given me the opportunity to meet new people, see new places, and  live a pretty good life. I feel extrememly blessed. 

Oh and I love to travel. So don't hesitate to ask if I am willing to fly to Mexico or Italy. 

The answer is most definitely yes. 

XO Court